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Cookie Cupcake Mix Pack

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Mixed is a super tasty way to try all of kaadobakes original cookie flavours - its a little taste test box that will let you explore the goodness behind the cookie cupcakes.

The box includes two of each:

Caramilk - Our signature soft and chewy cookie cupcake with a sweet caramilk centre. Drizzled with melted caramilk.

Creamy Milk - Our signature soft and chewy cookie cupcakes with a sweet creamy milk centre. Drizzled with melted creamy milk.

Black Forrest Our signature soft and chewy cookie cupcake with a berry chocolate centre. Drizzled with melted chocolate and sprinkled with dried raspberries.

Please note:
Cookie Cupcakes are only available for pick up and delivery on Thursdays & Fridays. Once you have added to your cart please the delivery date you are after